Be My Quarantine — An Innocent Love Story Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic 2020

‘It was a bright summer morning in the month of April, the season of love, the birds were chirping and the dew drops were glistening with happiness. But the beauty of the dawn held no attraction for him as he was staring into nothingness.’

Harsh was in a terrible situation with too much to cope with. He was away from his motherland, India, far away from his comfort zone, in an unknown country. He was put up in Italy for three months for his lab pathologist internship but suddenly there was an upside-down turn of events. The COVID-19 pandemic had gripped the world and most of the parts of the world were locked down. In Italy, things were completely out of hand. So, many people were dying and medical professionals like him were working day and night to save lives. To add to the gravity of the matter, there was something weird that he was experiencing. The butterflies were in his stomach, his mind was absolved. Harsh was trying his best to stop himself but time and again those pretty blue eyes were piercing sharp arrows into his heart. That moment when their eyes had met for the first time was unforgettable for him. The more he tried to get his mind off Mia, she just remained there.

The hospital in Cremona had made the appropriate facilities available for quarantine. Mia, an upcoming actor, had tested positive for the virus a couple of weeks ago. She was totally devastated and had lost any hope of recovery. Every medical intern was made in-charge of a few patients and Harsh was taking care of Mia.

It was love at first sight for Harsh, who was wearing a mask all the time. It was preventing him from not expressing his feelings when looking at her. However, it was becoming very difficult for Harsh to see his love in a helpless situation every time he was with her. He was perturbed by Mia’s critical condition. Every day he offered a prayer for her wellness. He made sure that Mia should not be deprived of any facilities which could make her condition better in any way. He used to talk to her, sing to her, from a safe distance, as we wanted to see her happy, just like his name. He was not leaving any stone unturned in helping her to recover from the dreaded disease. The budding love of Harah for Mia eventually became apparent to his colleagues.

When Harsh learnt that his colleagues also know about his love and affection for Mia he requested them to hold their tongue. But little did he know that Mia, his love had also started falling for him. She was only acquainted with his eyes holding glint of care and hope for her and his fruity voice. She always thought of a situation whereby any chance she could get to see Harsh’s face. But she couldn’t have cared less about his face as she was moved by his efforts to make her happy and help her recover fully.

Harsh did not lose hope even for a moment. He put all his medical knowledge and experience to care for her and increase her intrinsic immunity levels. After some days of his caring, Mia’s body started to respond positively against COVID-19 and she was recovered and fully cured.

Within a few weeks, vaccination was developed for the virus and harsh left for his home as his parents were missing him so much. In this hurry, he was not able to take contact details of Mia. He realised his mistake when the flight took off because he would never ever come to Italy again. Also, international borders will now only be opened for special permissions meant for emergencies as per the new international law.

This was the celebration day, as humanity won today. There was happiness lurking around everywhere but he was not feeling a bit of it.

While Mia was founding a way to reach him. To her now, “Love Was Dearer than Death” and this was after all her second life given by Harsh. She decided to fly in his love, became a pilot and finally landed the City of Taj — Agra, to finally meet Harsh. Mia wanted to feel that last essence of that pain of separation, the very height of it after which no valleys would seem darker and deeper. So, she went to the mighty symbol of love, the great Taj Mahal alone, her tears were beautifying the white marble-like the famous “parasmani”.

It was the time, a long ring of the bell and a short lub dub of her heart beat, finally stopped at those eyes of Harsh which were Infront of her like they were present all this time eternally. And she said in one breath “Will You Be My Quarantine” and Harsh replied with a strong glare in his eyes “Jahanpanah, Qabool Hai, Qabool Hai, Qabool Hai”.

Written By: Archie, Kavita & Karsh
Creative Input: P.Sailaja & Loop Writers Club



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Utkarsh Garg

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