The Digital Death - What Remains?

Death is so humble, true, and yet unexpected, it will come to us and is already on its way towards us. We die here, our body is burned or earthed, nothing remains but what about our digital presence and avatars? Investing so much time for growth on digital — is it worth? Are those blue square folders stored in drives somewhere in the world, is that all remains behind!

Let’s start the dialogue by talking about the present digital scene and as per digital ‘pundits’, it goes like this:

4 IG stories, 1 LinkedIn Post, 3 Tweets & so so if not done in a day — you will be out of the race!

While some are ready to matchup this pace, some are doing an excellent by balancing between lens and light while some are just paralyzed by this pressure.

An artist takes a considerable amount of time or maybe a lifetime to complete his masterpiece. On the other hand, a content creator has to put out something everyday.

It’s volume v/s veracity!

And it seems, volume is winning the game. Also, these self-proclaimed ‘gurus of growth’, make us realize that if you are not doing in ‘the way’ it has to be done, you are not living upto yourself and you will die a virtual death.

Even after doing so much, you have to be on top of the trend to stay alive and all the investment will become worthless if you lose touch somehow even for a brief period of time. And still, after putting a lot of sweat and blood — you are nothing just a folder or an account which can be hacked or closed any-time, again if you don’t fall in their way. All good work and one silly mistake — you are ruined and the wildfire will eat not only your digital self but the real being too.

Ask one time more, Is it worth?? Check your screen time (there’s an app for it too) and you will feel so stupid to find out that you are not getting the proportional returns as per the time you invest on social media. Neither it is rewarding to your mental health, numerous research has already proved that!

Even if you are not good at it, you are pressurized to do it! But, I think you do have a choice…unless you are not a sapien.

Don’t fall into this trap. You may be someday, but still, you are not born out of some digital simulation, you are made of Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Sky. Embrace that first!

This simple fact has become so obscure, that it may seem to you like some philosophy. It’s your reality — call it any and may it come at the cost of your virtual deaths.

You know how it all started, when they asked you to just “share” a thought or a picture to be “social” and you overdid it — now you work for them, some for free, some on pennies, and only a very few earn to survive.

So, don’t let this ‘content creation’ frenzy to ‘capture’ you and embrace your artist within. If you are not good at it, and still want to just mark your presence just ‘simply share to be social’ and forget about the web of ‘like, comment & share’ that is built around it.

You can do a lot more! Better and Best :)

Leaving you with an another question — have you planned your digital death :D :D



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