Why PR is the most important thing before you go for any marketing campaign

You might not have heard of Ogilvy and Mather or Prashant Kishore’s involvement behind Modi and Rahul. But you must have definitely laughed upon some memes of RVCJ (Rajnikat V/s CID). Yes! They all do PR or Public Relations.

There are a lot of confusions about What actually PR firms do apart from giving suggestions. But, to understand that let us first understand, WHAT THEY DON’T DO!!

Sales: PR firms are not at all responsible for your sales or any kind of revenue matrices. However, their strategies will definitely boost your sales in the end but they are not liable for any kind of revenues. Because it ultimately depends upon how amazing and market fit is your product to reach to the hearts of your target customers. But you might think, then what’s the use? I will say wait and have the patience to have their strategies show results. For that, you need to be certainly confident of the PR firm you are hiring and make sure they know each and every aspect of your company and its aspirations to build an effective communication funnel.

Customer Management: Retaining or talking to your customers, reporting their problems or suggesting some solutions is definitely not a domain of a PR firm. However, a good PR firm is always stacked up with fruitful advice which “might” prove beneficial to your firm but certainly they are not responsible for it in any way.

Marketing: You hire a PR firm, paid them hefty and if you think you will be onto mouths of the people next month. You are definitely day dreaming. Marketing is the sub domain of PR. For a good PR firm to let you reach hearts of the people you need to dedicate the resources they require like a well trained and experienced marketing manager, a guy with a good network and local connects in the geography or domain you are looking forward too and yes! allocate proper budgets as required by them.

Running after you: A PR guy will certainly advise on every aspect and look forward towards your actions. But they are not at all be held in bars for not coming with you to every event where you go.

So, What Do PR guys do if they are not responsible for anything!!

As every business knows, it’s tough to make a sale if a customer never enters the proverbial sales funnel in the first place. This simple fact makes PR is worth its weight in gold for generating brand awareness and interest. While PR can’t guarantee sales, it does start interested parties down the path toward becoming customers. PR is the top level of the sales funnel, bringing potential customers closer to your brand by creating opportunities to become informed and invested.


Content has become more important than ever when positioning your company as a thought leader. Blog posts, interviews, social media, videos, podcasts, and other assets are essential to sharing your organization’s story and expertise. PR leverages content to create brand awareness and expand your reach and influence to target potential customers. Not only does PR have the ability to reach new audiences, but PR-driven content has the power to motivate people to seek out additional information. Let’s say an individual is scanning through their favorite media outlet when they stumble upon an article featuring your company. Intrigued, they travel to your website to learn more. While they wouldn’t yet qualify as a lead, this individual has already found something compelling about your brand. That makes them a prime candidate to move down the sales funnel.


Aligning and keeping the brand at the top of the trends by moving ahead with a solid campaign perfectly when the time is right to press the button and converge all the attraction to the brand. So, that media naturally picks up your story and you don’t need to pay for that. Hence cost-cutting at the same time.

Bringing together great resources to plan an awesome public outreach campaign

An awesome PR firm always surrounds itself with great experts in different domains and resources which can add priceless value to the client’s portfolio. They help in attaching some good collaborations which can add great value to the client’s outreach and can boost it many folds in a single go. It might happen that you pay your PR for 3 months and nothing happens. Considering that, you dismiss them and next month you get a great project from the network build by the firm. Streamlining best things at the best place is the expertise of a PR firm.

It might take years for a PR guy’s work to reflect. For example, take an example of the girl who appears on every Amul’s add

You got it. To be the best in the market with limited resources in less time you need good PR at work. But when exactly you should go for having a coffee at a PR firm’s office and what preparations you need to make to ensure proper delivery. I will be jotting it down in my next article. But if you want to start your PR right now, no need to wait, just D.M me ;)

Till then, keep meditating for good health :p



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